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Redesign Your Garage Door

Posted by Gareth Jordan on

If you look at the history of building over the last 20 years, there has been too much similarity in basic roof lines and elevations from community to community. From coast to coast, city officials are demanding changes on the design of the elevations in new projects. Builders, who faced the competing demands of limited lot sizes and buyers who wanted spacious garages, were left in a bind.

Today the demand for more garage space remains. In fact, one fourth of all respondents to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders said they want at least a three car garage. But the issue of aesthetics is moving in an attractive direction with some great looking new garage doors.

Once designed for function only, garage doors today can turn a dull expanse into an architectural statement. Working actively to create strong curb appeal and diversity, builders, architects and municipalities are aggressively specifying steel carriage doors for their projects. In fact, architects are designing more and more communities in the non traditional style using nostalgic elements creating strong curb appeal. The character of a carriage house door fits the style which also enhances the home's appearance. If the garage is going to cover a large percentage of the house, why not have something better looking?

Today's carriage house doors look attractively retro, helping us to recall the charm of that turn of the century swinging barn door style, but open overhead like any other modern sectional garage door. The door has created true excitement in the building community. With a reputation for their beauty, functionality and durability, their worth in increasing home values is the ultimate in re-design and home improvement.