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Compatibility Chart

Posted by Gareth Jordan on

Compatibility Charts for Remotes and Logic Boards by Brand

With various models of openers and remotes different companies make, it becomes challenging and quite difficult to tell which remote controls will work with a particular opener. Fortunately, this page gives you charts of different brand names to help you find the exact remote or opener you are looking for.

This page shows compatibility charts including but not limited to Genie remote guides, LiftMaster logic boards and remote manuals, Sears Craftsman logic boards and remote controls, and dip switches of different frequencies.

Not only these charts simplify which are still available up to date, they also lay out what model can serve as a replacement for your used and discontinued remote controls and openers. Additionally, it saves you more time in finding the product you are looking for; and it gives you more access to different options to compare what products are safer to use to ensure your family’s safety all throughout.

What’s more amazing is that you can see people’s ratings to certain products. You can also look for products that are discounted and those which are newly launched! Of course, if you have any inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to contact our team and we’ll help you find the perfect product for you.