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Rolling Code 390Mhz Remotes

Posted by Gareth Jordan on

Garage door remotes that use rolling code are proprietary, meaning, a Liftmaster remote will not work on a Genie garage door and vice versa. There are only two universal remotes, the Liftmaster 375LM and Skylink 69N that work on several different garage door opener brands and will be listed accordingly. Even though several brands offer 390mhz fixed frequency remotes, they are for the most part, not interchangeable.

AccessMaster, LiftMaster, & Sears Craftsman are all made by the CHAMBERLAIN Corp. and sold under the Liftmaster professional brand name. These remotes are interchangeable remotes based on their model number. Example, a 971AC or 950CB is the same as a liftmaster 971LM remote, each model number is listed individually so you shouldn't be able to order the incorrect remote based on model number. 

Select a brand name below to see their 390mhz rolling code remotes.

All part of the same Brand Genie 390mhz intellicode remotes Covers both at the same time! 2btn Works on Genie or Liftmaster 1btn remote
accessmasterlogo.jpg 375lm.jpg 69n.jpg
chamberlainlogo.jpg Genie ACSCTG Type 1, 2, and 3 remotes

374 Two button visor size universal

Skylink 69N One button keychain universal





Access Master 971AC garage door opener
Access Master 973AC garage door opener
Chamberlain 950CB 1 button remote replaced by 971LM
Chamberlain 953CB 3 button remote replaced by 893 MAX

genie g1t bx remote

genie g3tbx remote
Genie GIT-1 ACSCTG type 1 button garage door opener

Genie GIT-2 ACSCTG Type 2 button garage door opener

Genie GIT-3 ACSCTG Type 3 button garage door opener
genie gitr-3 remote

genie gm3t bx remote
Liftmaster 890MAX 3 button mini remote control
Liftmaster 892LT 2 button learning remote
Liftmaster 893MAX 3 button remote
Liftmaster 894LT four button learning remote
Liftmaster 895MAX remote control transmitter three button
Liftmaster 971LM garage door opener
Liftmaster 973LM garage door opener
Liftmaster Clicker Universal Remote Garage Door Opener Transmitter 375LM
Skylink 69N Universal Keychain Remote
Skylink MultiLink GR-390M Mini Keychain Remote 390MHz
stinger 390gep1v remote