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Finding The Correct Remote

Posted by Gareth Jordan on

I need a new garage door opener remote. How do I know which garage door remote to get, what if I don't have an existing remote?

Do not skip this, we are going to ask you these exact questions every time on the phone!

Do you have an existing remote even if it's broken, or do you have a keypad outside?

If you don't have any remote whatsoever, and there is no keypad outside, skip to the 3 questions below.

If you have an existing remote or keypad even if it's broken just read this paragraph. On any remote there is a brand name written on the front or back. Next, we want you to look on the back of the remote and locate the model number, not the FCC ID, but an actual model number like 971, or DTD or ACSCTG, ADX9931 etc. there must be a number otherwise we'll assume it's worn off and go to plan B. But first we want you to start by shopping or selecting the BRAND name of the remote in your possession only, not the brand name of your opener unless it is the same as the remote because even though you may have an Allstar garage door opener you may very well be using a Multicode remote which is different. If the garage door opener remote on the front or back says ANY brand name like Multicode or Liftmaster of genie then we are nearly done because the model number will be easy to find. If there is no model number, the plan B solution is to open the battery compartment of the remote and see if it has a set of toggle or dip switches 8, 9, 10, or 12 that go up or down, these are called dip switches. If there are no dip switches then it must be an intellicode or rolling code type. Click on the garage door opener remotes section of the brand name of the remote you currently have and you should be able to identify the remote immediately in picture format. If it's the old style dip switches and its not listed in the remotes section call us and we will find a solution for you.  

If you do not have a remote or keypad at all, follow these 3 quick steps.

There are three very quick questions that should help you get a direct answer and solve your particular garage door opener needs.

1) Does the garage door motor overhead have a learn button ( a little square or circular button behind a light cover perhaps) or some kind of dip switches you can see without taking the whole thing apart? If you can find either the learn button or the dip switches then the remote you need is based on the brand name of the motor, or the receiver box you found the dip switches in.

2) Is there a rectangular box attached to motor? This is a secondary recevier and will be used to program your garage door opener remotes. If the dip switches or learn button is inside it, the remote is going to be based on that brand name alone and will have nothing to do with the overhead motor brand name. The secondary receiver box is the input source for your remote so it is irrelevant what motor you have at this point. 

3) If there is no visible learn button or dip switches, and no receiver box, then the simplest answer is, "you need a universal conversion kit" because if you cannot find the source, we can't either, and spending $40.00 or $50.00 to fix your problem completely is WAY cheaper than having a garage door installer come out and charge you 100.00 or more and then up sell you the SAME THING.  

Question 1 answer, dip switches or learn button, which can you find on your motor?

dip switches below


learn button below


Question 2 answer. what does a receiver box look like and how is it attached?

You may very well have a Stanley garage door opener motor. But that is a MULTI-CODE receiver attached to the back, so you need a multi-code remote for your garage door opener!



Question 3 answer. You need a conversion kit to open and close ANY garage door opener you may have. Click any of these to read more about them so you can make the right decision for your needs. Or call us and we will talk you through it all.

pictured below is the Skylink 318TR or skylink 318KR that uses a wireless keypad and remote to open and close your door. It installs directly to the existing push button on the wall, not to the overhead motor. 


Pictured below is the Genie GIRUD-1T universal conversion kit that works on any garage door opener. It installs directly to the overhead motor only.


Pictured below is the Liftmaster 365LM conversion kit receiver box only. It will install 2 ways, directly to the overhead motor, or will function as a push button on the wall and utilize the existing wires that are already in place. This is our most commonly sold unit as it truly offers the garage door opener two solutions to fit just about anyone's needs.