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How to Program Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad

Posted by Emmanuel Adelodun on

Here’s the solution for programming your Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad. We will show you the step-by-step process for you to do it professionally. Remember that the intellicode keypad comes with LED light as an indicator. Once you press the key numbers, it will flash a light to let you know they were accepted.

After pressing the code, the backlight will appear to show you succeed with programming.

On the other hand, if the backlight flashes several times, it means programming isn’t successful.

The Step-by-Step Process:

1. Locate the Learn button on your garage door opener. Click on that, and the indicator will blink for 30 seconds. Then, you are ready for the next step. However, you might have a squared shape programming button, wherein you need to press it longer until the blue light starts to blink.
Press and release the button if your opener has a ‘learn’ code button.
2. The default PIN for the keypad is 357357, so press on that numbers. Then, press the Up/Down key three times slowly, and the garage door will open automatically.
3. Enter your default or current PIN, and click on the Program button.
4. Enter your new PIN and push the ‘Program’ button again.
5. Program your keypad for multiple openers. Enter your PIN and click the ‘Program’ button twice. The LED indicator will blink twice and shut off.
6. Now, push the ‘Learn’ button from your garage opener. Wait for the blue LED to blink. Enter your PIN, and the Up/Down key from your keypad.
7. Push the button according to the number of the doors you want to set up with the PIN.
8. If you want to set up a new door, just repeat the same process.
9. For a single door garage, push the PIN and Up/Down button. Then, the garage will open.
10. If you have a two-door garage, enter your PIN, and Up/Down button. Then, click the number of your corresponding garage door. Do the same steps with other entries.

Thankfully, programming is easier than you would have thought. Now that you know how to program your garage door, you don’t need to pay to program the doors for you.