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Programming a Universal Remote Tips

Posted by Emmanuel Adelodun on

All owners of properties with garage door openers are aware that a garage door opener remote is essentially another key to one’s home. Considering this, the experience of, or even just the thought of, losing or damaging the remote control that came with your garage door opener can be frustrating as this compromises the security of your home and the safety of your family and assets. However, with the creation of universal remotes, countless families are saved from the trouble of finding a remote that works with the model of their garage door operator.

Aside from being a life-saver for many, having a universal remote has more benefits. As it comes in various types such as a two-button remote, visor remote, and smartphone remote control, you have a range from which you can choose one that suits your needs and lifestyle best. A universal remote also allows you to manage multiple garage doors. Moreover, this is handy when you prefer to customize the shape of the buttons that control your garage door opener and, in some cases, their function, and it provides increased security for your property.

Universal remotes are fairly easy to find as they are available in your local home improvements stores and online.

To find the right universal remote for your opener, check first the manufacturer and model information on the motor unit of your opener found on the garage ceiling or on the external receiver near the wire antenna. When buying the device, you will find a list of codes associated with the brands and models of common garage door openers. If you find a match for the brand and model number of your garage door opener or openers, then that’s the right one for you. Several brands claim to operate 80 percent of garage door openers on the market so you shouldn’t spend time finding a universal remote that is compatible with your garage door opener—unless your opener’s model was made in the 80s.

Programming a universal remote control to your garage door opener is simple as this usually comes with a full set of programming instructions.

Find the code that corresponds to the brand and model of your garage door opener and then, set the dip switches on your universal remote to match the sequence on your opener. Once the dip switch is coded correctly, click the button you wish to control your garage door and test if it’s responding. Your garage door should open and close with ease.

After programming your universal remote, keep the code manual that came with it so you can easily reprogram the device when you have to replace the batteries. Doing so will also be helpful if you need to add a new garage door opener to your universal remote control.

When buying a universal remote, you should remember that they are not all universal as they claim.

You have to make sure that the one you’ll be purchasing cover frequencies that match your garage door opener remote frequency. The most commonly used frequencies are 390mhz and 300mhz. Ultimately, the dip switch and rolling code are crucial in making sure your remote can be replaced by a universal remote.



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