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Top 5 Genie Garage Door Remotes Plus Programming Tips

Posted by Emmanuel Adelodun on

In this article, we will list down five different Genie garage doors remotes ranked in no particular order, together with some tips on how you can program them. This is basically an overview of these different products. Read on to know more about them so you will not have a hard time deciding on what product you will purchase the next time you go out buying a new remote control for your garage door.

Number one in the list is the Genie 37337R and Monitor GLRN-R. This remote opener works with intellicode openers from 1996 until present. Some of its features and specifications are the remote tells you if your door is closed or not when you click the button up to a quarter of a mile (approximately 402 meters), it has both audio and visual signal alerts when you close your garage door, it also has a long-range two-way communication feature which tells you if your door is closed, it uses AAA batteries (which are inclusive when you purchase the product), and it works with all 2011 IntelliG and TriloG operators.

Furthermore, it is 5 inches in depth, 2 inches in height, and 1 inch in width when assembled; 2 inches in depth when not. it’s MFG Model number is GLRN-R and MFG Part number is 37337R.

Following the list is the Genie G1T-BX Model# 38501R One Button Intellicode Remote. Its unique feature is it has one large button that allows you to easily operate Genie garage door openers from 1995 to present. This is particularly designed to work with Genie Intellicode or Overhead Door Code Dodger garage door openers. These are access security systems featuring advance technology. They prevent piracy of radio signals which is responsible for opening and closing your garage door by selecting a new code from billions of combinations existing. Moreover, it has an auto seek frequency for 390MHz and 315MHz garage doors. This auto-seek frequency range feature if the remote is designed to communicate with the garage door opener by automatically seeking either of the two frequencies—helping you to ensure the opener will respond regardless of near frequency interference.

In addition to the mentioned features, this remote is also compatible with all Genie Intellicode Models, it is very handy and can be used as a keychain if preferred. There are inclusions as well such as a visor clip and batteries.

The third remote on this list is the Genie GITR-3 Remote. It uses a Genie 390MHz ACSCTG Intellicode remote. It is an ACSCTG Type 1, 2, and 3 Intellicode 390MHz remote 3-button. This is Genie’s ONLY 3-button Intellicode remote made covering a frequency of 390MHz only. Basically, it is an ACSCTG type intellicode remote for three doors.

It covers all Genie Intellicode 3090MHz garage door openers from 1993 to 2005 only. Models after 2005 uses 315MHz frequency and this remote won’t work on them. Lastly, similar to the previous remote, this also has inclusions of battery GP23 and a visor clip.

Next in line is Genie G3T-BX Remote which is Genie’s three-button visor size dual frequency remote. You can say that this is the updated version of Genie GITR-3 Remote opener. As for its features and specifications, coming from its description, it covers two frequencies—390MHz and 315MHz—for garage doors from 1995 until today. It is also compatible with all Genie Intellicode and Overhead Door Code Dodger products from 1996 to present. Moreover, it works with newer Intellicode garage operators both 1 and 2 and it is inclusive of a battery and a visor clip. In addition, it has a 12-month factory warranty! This remote also includes a manual on how to install and program it before using.

Finally, the Genie GM3T-BX Remote which is also a three-button remote but is compatible with ALL Genie garage door openers from 1993 up today. Generally, this is all the combined features of the previous four remotes. It works with all Genie gated community receivers, Genie 9 switch and 12 switch units, and it is also compatible with both Intellicodes 1 and 2 and intellicode models ACSGT, ACSGT Type 1, ACSCTG Type 1, and TBSTG Type 1! Moreover, it is series II electronics compatible remote, it has auto-seek dual frequency (315MHz and 390MHz).

Tips when Programming Genie Garage Door Remote Openers

Knowing what to do when installing and programming your newly bought garage door remote opener is crucial. You need to know how the device works for your convenience and safety. Hence, here are a few tips when you program your remote.

1. Figure out whether your garage door opener is for Intellicode 1, Intellicode 2, or it has a row of Code switches (9 or 12 switches). It is important to know the type of transmitter your remote uses because they have different directions on how to program each type.

2. Since each type comes with a manual, follow these very carefully. Keep in mind on what you will do to program the opener, operate the remote, replace batteries, and when you lose the remote or it was stolen. Always refer to the manual.

3. When trying out the functions of the remote, remember to keep people clear while the door is moving as it can cause serious injuries or worse, death. Keep the remote away from children.