To find your remote, please type the numbers on the back of your remote into our search bar


Allister garage door openers and Allister remotes are interchangeable with the allstar brand name. Match the model number of 9921 or 9931 for example with the corresponding number. For keypads and replacement parts you can do the same, they all have identifying numbers on the back of the allister remotes and keypads. As the allister remote openers continue to get phased out, we will update our compatibility charts to keep the replacement remotes and parts available to you. Please refer to all model numbers on the back of your allister remotes and motors to make sure you are ordering the right replacement remote or part for your needs. In an effort to make purchasing less confusing, we have written out the most common frequencies on the product description. The 318 and 288 frequencies for allister garage doors is the most common followed by the dip switch settings. Binary and trinary or two and three position settings are what all of the allister remotes use to set the code to. Open the battery compartment of your remote to see the dip switch settings and then you can match the new allister garage door opener to that setting as well.