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Allstar garage door opener parts are usually 318mhz and use 8 or 9 dip switches to operate their doors. The allstar 110995 is the most universal type remote they make to cover the allstar brand openers. Follow the numbers and ignore the letters for example 9931 or 9921 is important not the AD or ADX or BA letters only the numbers are critical for determining if you are using binary or trinary remotes. 

Allstar garage door openers

PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS for the Allstar 110995 Quick Code Universal The Allstar quickcode universal remote 110995 covers almost any Allstar, Allister, and Pulsar garage door opener. Check your frequency, it should be either 318 mhz or 288 mhz. We carry an extensive selection of Allstar garage door openers and remotes. Other brands made by Allstar include the Allister, Pulsar, MVP and Challenger brand names. These are all made by the same experienced manufacturer for gates and garage door opener remotes, parts, and accessories. The products listed below are the most common but does not consist of the entire Allstar line of garage door opener parts. We carry most of Allstar's existing models in the various frequencies from replacement remote transmitters, receivers, keypads, and circuit boards, to the universal allstar 110995 remote that works for all Allstar remotes and transmitters. Most Challenger gate and garage door openers use the same radio controls (remote control transmitters, keypads, and receivers) as Allstar, so any of the items below will be well-suited with your Challenger garage door opener setup. Please make sure you look carefully at the number of positions per dip switch (there are 2 formats, on/off, called binary dip switches, or +,0,- called trinary and most importantly the frequency. That information is located on the back of the remote. You can see all of our garage door opener remotes here. The frequencies could be 318 MHZ which is the most common or 288 MHZ which is characteristically a Canadian frequency modulation. Call or email us if you don't see the part you're looking for, or if you have any questions pertaining to choosing the correct replacement garage door opener. If there are any other specialty products that you need under the Allstar brand that you haven't found, please call us and we will order it for you. Check out our new FAQ setion for additional help in selecting a replacement Allstar garage door opener part for your Allstar, Allister, or Pulsar garage door opener or remote.