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Carper remotes are identified by their model numbers carper 300, carper 310, carper 318, carper 318T, and carper 390 respectively. These numbers represent the frequency they operate on. So a carper 300 is a multicode 300mhz compatible garage door remote and a Carper 390 is a genie 390mhz specific remote and will not work on liftmaster even though they both work on 390mhz.

Carper garage door openers offer a wide selection of universal remotes for garage door opener remotes that use dip switch settings. Check to see if your remote has binary or trinary dip switch settings. Also, check below for the frequency that is right for your universal remotes or replacement opener needs. The Carper remotes are an excellent choice for a compact, keychain-size replacement for older garage door openers from major manufacturers such as Genie, Allstar, Pulsar, BlueMax, and Moore-O-Matic. We have installed a new technical help feature that allows the user to get the information they need quickly. All of the pertinent information is listed on each product page as well as on the brand name pages. You can see all of our garage door opener remotes here if you want to see our entire inventory of products we carry. We have high expectations that this will further solve any questions regarding frequency and dip switches as well as compatibility issues. Carper garage remotes are made of high density plastic and are more durable than most manufacturer remotes. For more information and help in choosing a replacement remote, you may contact us or use the new help feature.


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