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Garage Opener Carriages

These are the carriages for all the major brand name garage door openers which are still made today. The carriage screw drive and belt drive along with the retro fit carriage kits. 

  • Even if you own the most durable garage door opener, it is still very important to take care of it in the most appropriate manner. Garage door openers are one of the most common household devices that can be costly when they’re broken. They have a trolley or carriage that goes from the motor to the wall above the garage door. Carriages are connected to an operating arm and are normally being pulled along the track.
  • Some modern garage door opener carriages boast of pleasing designs. Since most garage doors have even number of windows, at the door top and two strong metal handles at the center, carriages are responsible for easy access.
  • Typically, garage door opener carriages are either made of wood or steel. Steel carriages are the more beneficial between the two. With the use of garage door opener carriages, you can literally get rid of overhead tracks which eliminate their suspension from the ceiling.

Moreover, because of the many design options in which you can personally customize your carriage style door that suits your needs, you can have the luxury to choose from crossbuck, panel patterns, and vertical slat designs which will allow your door to be sturdy.

Using belt drive screw carriages, you have an unsurpassed option of low-vibration experience because of their noiseless operation. Belt drives are the quietest among the garage openers.