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Crusader remotes and crusader garage door openers are made under the Heddolf brand which is part of Overhead door Corp. All crusader remotes are dip switch style and vary by frequency. a crusader 202SS is sometimes 390mhz but you absolutely need to find the frequency in the owners manual or on the motor itself since it could be 5 varying frequencies. The crusader garage door remotes are interchangeable with Heddolf and are guaranteed to work if you match up the frequency correctly. On the back of the crusader garage door opener remotes you will see a model number that will identify what the frequency is. If you do not have a remote anymore, please check the owners manual or the back of the overhead motor and see if you can find a 312mhz or 390mhz for example. Otherwise you can use a conversion kit to bypass having to purchase a new garage door opener.


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