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Digi-code remotes and digicode garage door openers are compatible with 300mhz and 310mhz frequencies specifically. Digicode products are typically replacements for multicode and linear systems, grey remotes are 300mhz and black remotes are 310mhz. Please check the model number of your current remote or opener.  

DigiCode garage door openers

Digi-Code manufactures access control remote transmitters, keypads and accessories for garage door opener remotes and gate operators. Digi-Code products are exclusively made in the USA of the best quality and reliability, and they are competitively priced. Digi-Code radio controls for gate or garage door openers are fully compatible with some of the most common brands, such as Linear, Multicode, Stanley and other major brand garage door openers. These remotes are ergonomically designed housings for comfort and convenience and are a good substitute garage remote opener. You can see all of our garage door opener remotes here if you want to see our entire inventory of products we carry. If you cannot find the right garage door remote for your needs please call us or check our new help section to find the right product to fit your needs. We also offer manuals and dip switch help so you can easily see where the dip switches are and how to set them accordingly. Check back often to see what new latest and greatest products we have to fit your needs.