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Liftmaster 485LM Integrated BBU Replacement Battery


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Liftmaster 485LM replacement battery

The liftmaster 485LM Integrated BBU replacement battery model is integrated with a standby power system for use exclusively with the LiftMaster model 3850 garage door opener. It operates the garage door opener as if the power was still on and all safety and security features still operate while on standby power. The system and opener are on one logic board, resulting in better performance in standby power mode and improved battery recovery system using the 485lm by LiftMaster.

This is a 12V Replacement Battery. For use with various LiftMaster® DC Motor Garage Door Openers featuring Backup Battery Systems. Check the manual or replacement parts diagram for specific part information before ordering to ensure compatibility.

Operates the Garage Door Opener as if the power was still on, plus all safety and security features will be operational
12V replacement battery is used in the following models: 8500, 8500W, 8550W, WLED, 8360, & 8360W

IMPORTANT NOTE: Max door weight with battery increases from 650 lbs. to 850 lbs. with the addition of the 485LM Battery on LiftMaster® Models LJ8900W and LJ8950W.

Genuine LiftMaster® replacement part.Also known as: 041A6357-1, 41A6357-1, 012381742288, 485LMC, 012381994854