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Genie garage door opener parts are listed below in categories so you can shop easier for the right genie garage door opener replacement part. Genie has several different brand names it sells under, Alliance and Overhead door used to be a part of Genie. Genie remotes use intellicode code rotating technology known as acsctg or they use 9 or 12 dip switch settings and operate on 390mhz frequency. Genie has several other brands of garage door opener remotes. Their brands include Alliance, Norelco, Blue Max, Lift-A-Door, Pro Max, Pro-Lift, Hercules, Stealth, Excelerator, Intellicode, Genie Pro, OverDrive, Python, Signature, Phantom, Legacy, Medallion, and Code Dodger were all manufactured by the Overhead Door company.

Genie garage door openers

These brands and parts are interchangeable with Genie garage door opener parts. The Overhead door corporation which is now all one big group, made all of those gate openers, key chain remotes, mini transmitters, genie replacement parts, and other 1, 2, and 3 button garage door opener accessories. Because all of these brand lines are now manufactured by the Genie Company you can replace them fairly easily. You can see all of our garage door opener brand's that have a long history like Genie who is underscored by its commitment to ongoing innovation in garage door opener technology. Millions of Genie's products are in use today because of their reliability and convenience for the DIY type consumer. Genie's line of garage door openers include advanced features such as the Intellicode remote access security system that automatically changes the security code to one of billions of combinations each time the transmitter is activated. Also, Genie has the Safe-T-Beam infrared beam system that senses a person or an object in the door's path to prevent entrapment. Genie garage door openers are available online through us and we ship nationwide. The Genie Excelerator sets a new performance standard for garage door openers. It opens twice as fast as conventional openers but closes gently for door longevity. It also offers quiet glide operation and has a polymer rail liner that eliminates metal to metal contact. This provides reliable performance in hot, cold or humid environments. Check out other Genie garage door opener products below or use our new help feature for frequently asked questions.