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Linear garage door opener products are divided by megacode and delta3 dip switch style garage door openers. The keypads and other linear garage door opener products will match up by model numbers. If you can't find your particular linear product call us for assistance and we will find the right linear garage door opener part for you. Linear garage door opener remotes and home security offers a full spectrum of advanced alarm monitoring components, on a worldwide basis, for the residential and commercial security market. Linear remotes and other products have a well-earned reputation in the radio frequency (RF) or wireless approach to alarm signal transmission, and is acknowledged as having the greatest concentration of RF engineering experience and talent in the security products field. Linear garage door opener products are available throughout the world through a worldwide network of more than three hundred security distributor locations. We provide a wide spectrum of their products on our site and all of our garage door opener remotes here. Linear combines the techniques of passive infrared detection, radio frequency transmission and reception, digital electronics and human engineering to produce highly functional, highly reliable home security products. There are hundreds of models available and range from simple transmitter/receiver links for use in just about any application imaginable to totally supervised RF based security systems for low, medium and high-end applications. The Linear line of RF based products and accessories are the most extensive in the industry. If you need a linear garage door opener remote or product not shown on our site please call us for assistance.