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Monarch 318LIPW1K key chain remote Linear Megacode compatible

Transmitter Solutions

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Monarch 318LIPW1K Keychain Remote

Specifications and Features

  • Compatible with Linear Act-21, Act-22, ACT-31B, ACT34-B & ACT-22B models
  • Also covers Linear Megacode MDT-1, MDT-2, MCT-1, and MCT-2 models
  • Blue
  • One-button
  • Programmable
  • Key chain model
  • 318 MHz
  • Operates with Linear MegaCode receivers and transmitters
  • Test/operate LED
  • Each remote has an individual serial number.
  • Block coded. Can be enrolled with serial numbers
  • 3vt lithium batteries included
  • 12 Month factory warranty