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Monarch remotes are keychain versions of doorking and Elite openers. Monarch garage door openers are made compact and work for several major garage door brands. Monarch keychain remotes offer longer range and superior durability. Some of the remotes are dip switch style and the others are rolling code and are their model numbers reflect which type of garage door brand they work for.

  • These Monarch keychain remotes are simply keychain versions of both Doorking and Elite garage door remote openers. They still work for several major garage door brands however; they are designed as a small, handy, and compact device for easier access and operation.
  • More of their incredible features are their ability to work on longer ranges and having exceptional durability. They also have diverse models with some using dip switch style and others use the rolling code. Additionally, you can determine which model or product is compatible with a particular garage door brand through their model numbers.

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