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Multicode garage door openers all operate on 300mhz and have 10 dip switch setting inside their battery compartment ot set your code to. The matching set of dip switches can be found on the overhead motor or inside the grey receiver box. Both the multicode garage door opener remotes dip switches and receiver's dip switches must match in order for them to program correctly. The multicode garage door opener is also known as the Multi Elmac or Multi-code remotes made by the Linear corporation and are one of the most common remotes used today. The Linear corporation also makes stanley garage door openers and gate opener parts and accessories. We carry ALL of multicode's existing models in the various frequencies and sizes. There are several different replacement remote types available, from keychain sized, to visor sized transmitters, receivers, keypads, circuit boards and other various parts. You can see all of our garage door opener remotes here. Call us and let us know if you need large volume discounting over 100 remotes or more and we will fulfill your order today.