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Skylink Garage Door is one of the most inexpensive and high-tech automatic garage openers you'll find in the market. These remote openers come with several types, depending on the model you are currently using. They are easy to program, and it also comes with the keychain style transmitter you can always have with you.

We also have several kinds of remotes according to your needs. For example, we have the mini keychain remote that is super handy that you can bring with you – in your pocket or together with your keys. It works well with Linear or Moore-O Matic. It has 310 MHz frequency with 8 Dip Switches.

If you have Linear, Moore-O-Matic, Multilink LM-318M mini keychain remote works well with these. It is also Megacode garage door compatible for more natural control of your gate. Skylink also has 69N Universal Keychain Remote. It works with various brands like Stanley, Skylink UR-100 Receiver, Sears Craftsman, Allstar, Pulsar, Allister, Overhead, Multi-Code (10 dip switch), Moore-O-Matic (Delta 3), Master Mechanic, Linear MegaCode, Linear (DT), Lift-Master (dip switch & rolling code), Genie (dip switch & Intellicode) and Chamberlain.

What is the advantage of using Skylink Garage Door Remote Openers?

First of all, they are affordable. You can choose from several choices available. Second, they are super handy. Most of the time, remote controls are easy to misplace. But with its keychain inclusion, you can bring it anywhere with you.

One of its model – Skylink 69n – is also ideal with bikes and convertibles. What's more, you can use it even you are 100 ft. Away. Upon your purchase, you will be given a one year warranty and 12v battery inclusion.

Overall, Skylink comes with promising features and functionalities without breaking the bank. You don’t need to worry again about malfunction uses of the current remote you are using.