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Stingray 295SEPC1V sentex clickcard compatible


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Stingray 295SEPC1V remote

Stingray 295SEPC1V is a visor transmitter operating at 295 MHz in ASK modulation. It has been designed for use with programmable telephone entry, security, and access control systems operating with a 295 MHz frequency receiver. The protocol is ClikCard® compatible and the code sent by the transmitter includes a 16 bit security code which allows up to 65,536 combinations and 6 bit of facility code for 64 different combinations. Each transmitter is individually numbered, can be used with any receiver capable of receiving a 26 bit input and can operate any type of access control system equipped with the same protocol.

Features and Specifications

  • Compatible with Sentex ClikCard1, 1K, 2, & 2K models
  • Gray
  • One-button
  • Programmable
  • Visor model
  • 295 MHz
  • Power: Long-life 12 V battery
  • Operates with Sentex ClikCard receivers and transmitters
  • Test/operate LED
  • Visor clip included