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Stingray remotes are the visor size version of the monarch garage door openers. Stingray garage door opener remotes were designed as a replacement for several brands offering longer range and more durability as well as sleekness. All Stingray remotes have model numbers to match their compatible garage door opener brand name that they replace.

  • Stingray garage door opener remotes are designed to last longer and work better than other brands. Basically, they are made to fix common problems encountered in other models. Moreover, they have this unique style of their products that just make them standout. Stingray remotes also come in both 1 and 2-button designs that you can effectively use in multiple opening mechanisms.
  • Another amazing feature of Stingray remote is their slim design that lets them fit into car visors keeping them restrained for safer driving situations. Furthermore, aside from garage doors, there are also remotes for gates, too!

Each remote has a different model number matching their compatible garage door opener brand that it will be replacing, and these are arranged in that manner in this webpage. Thus, it’s easier to find which model you are looking for and it is much more efficient. Ratings and discounts can also be viewed under each product. In addition, you can make comparisons among the products presented in the site. This guarantees that you will get the perfect product for your garage door or gates.


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