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Allstar 9931T Trinary Dip Switches 318Mhz


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Linear Allstar 9931T Remote


  • Replaces Allstar, Pulsar or Allister brand units model 9931-318 (9 dip switches with 3 position each: +,0,-)
  • 1 Button single channel remote transmitter
  • 318 MHZ Frequency gate or garage door opener
  • Nine (9) 3-positions (trinary) dip switch format

    One-button, one-channel, 9-Volt battery powered transmitter with visor clip, 9-position trinary switch, 19683 selectable codes.


    • Compatible with Allstar and MVP receivers
    • Visor mounting clip supplied
    • Power: 9-volt battery
    • Codes: 19683 (set by nine trinary dip switches)
    • RF frequency: 318 MHz
    • Dimensions: 2.25″ W x 4.625″ H x 1″ D