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Chamberlain 850CB 1 button remote replaced by 892LT

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you are buying the 892LT replacement remote!

Chamberlain 850CB garage door opener

Features and Specifications

  • 390 MHZ Frequency, compatible with operators manufactured between 1993-1997
  • "Smart" coding button with GREEN LED
  • 2 channel transmitter, compatible with the "Billion Code" series
  • Visor clip and Lithium battery (5 years life w/normal use) included
  • Also compatible with wireless keypad model number 66LM (Chamberlain 850CB, 853CB, 856CB)
    Sears Craftsman Compatible Model #'s
    139.53225 139.53645
    139.53225SR 139.53645SRT1
    139.53225SRT 139.53645SRT3
    139.53325 139.53646
    139.53325SRT 139.53646SRT1
    139.53335SRT1 139.53646SRT2
    139.53425 139.53648
    139.53425SRT 139.53648SRT1
    139.53479 139.53648SRT2
    139.53491 139.5365
    139.53525 139.53650SRT
    139.53525SRT 139.5366
    139.536141SR 139.53660SRT
    139.536151SR 139.53660SRT1
    139.536181SR 139.53669
    139.536191SR 139.53669SRT
    139.536251SR 139.53678
    139.53626 139.53678SRT
    139.536261SR 139.53779
    139.53627 139.53800
    139.536271SR 139.53800SRT
    139.53628 139.53824
    139.53628SRT 139.53824SRT
    139.53629 139.53834
    139.53629SRT 139.53834SRT1
    139.53635 139.53834SRT3
    139.53635SRT 139.53879
    139.53636 139.53915SRT
    139.53636SRT 139.53927SRT
    139.53637 139.53960SRT
    139.53637SRT 139.53970
    139.53638SRT 139.53970SRT
    139.53640 139.53971
    139.53640SRT 139.53971SRT
    139.53641 139.53973
    139.53641SRT 139.53973SRT

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