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Chamberlain 950CD Remote Replacement

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You Are buying One Liftmaster 371lm Remote

Chamberlain 950CD or 950D

The lift master 371lm garage door opener remote is designed for door made after 2005 uing the 315mhz frequency. These remotes operate on doors using the purple led light for programming and there are several compatible remotes as well. This is a one button single transmitter using code rotating technology that does not interefer with the military.

  • Programmable by using the PURPLE LED light on the back of liftmaster garage door openers from 2005 and later
  • 315 MHZ Frequency, over 100 billion codes with code rotating technology
  • Offers Enhanced Radio Technology (ERT)
  • 1 channel/button transmitter, compatible with models manufactured from 2005 and later
  • Open/close one garage door opener
  • Turn garage door opener lights on/off
  • Visor clip or key ring included Lithium battery (5 years life w/normal use) included
  • The military radio equipment, also known as "Land Mobile Radio" (LMR) operates at 390MHz, which is in the same frequency band as Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman, and Genie garage door openers. Homeowners near these military bases may experience interference to their garage door openers that can cause the garage door opener to malfunction. In order to solve such interference problems as mentioned in the FCC Public Notice, homeowners can purchase a new liftmaster garage door operator OR a Conversion kit (includes a transmitter and a receiver) that operates on a different frequency that is not used by the LMR.