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Elite DC2000SL Power Back Up System for SL3000


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Elite DC-2000-SL Power Backup system

Power back up system for select Elite commercial gate operators. Keeps traffic moving during a power outage. 

The DC-2000 has two modes of operation: 

  • The unit opens the gate automatically upon power failure and stays open. The gate can then be close by manual command. When power is restored, the gate will close and the gate operator will return to normal operation. 
  • The unit is waiting for a command to open or close the gate. Permanent wire commands or dedicated radio receiver and transmitter. Button must be held down to allow gate movement. When button is released, movement will stop. This mode can also be used as an emergency operator back-up. If power is on and the gate operator malfunctions, the system can be operated by the DC-2000 system using a key switch or separate radio receiver. 
Battery Specifications: 
  • Type: Sealed Lead-Acid Battery ? Voltage: 12 V ? Capacity:7 Ah (20 Hr. Rate) 
  • Fully UL325 compliant
  • Simple hook-up connection to the omnicontrol board.
  • No extra limit switches needed. DC-2000 reads the limits of the omniboard
  • Easy setting for opening to the left or right by means of a DIP switch.
  • Electronic Reverse Sensor built in. Electronic Alarm.
  • Input for a contact sensor or non-contact sensor for UL secondary protection.
  • LED Indicators: System ON ? Charging ? ERD ? Motor.