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Elite Q400 SL3000UL CSW200 Hercules Logic Board


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Elite Q400 SL3000UL CSW200 Hercules Logic Board


If your system is made earlier than 2001 you need the Omni-up board which is a retro fit kit with the brackets and harness included to attach to the old style operators.
Q400 logic board for the Elite SL3000UL
New Style Omni fits SL3000, CSW 200 & Hercules Operators
The Elite Q400 omni control board is so advanced it offers many integrated functions to simplify installation and provides added flexibility. The Elite Q400 omni control board has a built-in surge suppression kit that protects the q400 circuit board and the entire system from lightning strikes.

This is a LiftMaster Elite® OMNI Control Board (Q400) Kit. Compatible with various LiftMaster Elite Series® AC Commercial/Industrial Gate Operators. This replacement kit is most commonly used with LiftMaster® SL3000UL, CSW200UL, and HTC Models. Check the manual or replacement parts diagram for specific part information before ordering to ensure compatibility. Genuine LiftMaster® replacement part.