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EMX D-TEK MVP Multi Voltage Universal Loop Detector


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EMX D-TEK MVP multi voltage power universal loop detector

Plug harness not included!

First automatic Multi Voltage Power detector to operate in both fail safe and fail secure modes
  • One detector covers all the voltages
  • Enhanced Lightning/Surge immunity
  • Aluminum RF shield housing
  • Loop conditioner built in
  • Loop isolation transformer
  • Loop diagnostics
  • Frequency counter
  • Gold plated control contacts
  • 2 relays (presence & pulse or presence)


  • Power 9 VDC to 240VAC 
  • Operating Temperature -40o F to + 180o F
  • Surge Protection - Zener Diode /MOV
  • Output relays (2) 1Amp 30 VDC
  • Loop input - Transformer Isolation, lightning and transient protection (1)
  • Loop Inductance range 20 ? 2000 uH Q-factor of 5 or higher
  • Tuning - Automatic on reset or power up
  • Tracking - Automatic for environmental changes
  • Size - Height 3.25? (83mm) - Width 2.56? (40mm) - Length 3.65? (90mm)
  • Housing - Extruded Anodized Aluminum
  • Connector - 86CP11 11 pin male
  • Indicators (LED) - Power, frequency, loop fail, detect, extend output 

The MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector makes it easy to manage your stock. You only need one detector in your stock room and one in your truck. The MVP D-TEK solves all the problems of not knowing which voltage to take for service call or an installation. Reduce the costs of inventory by stocking only one loop detector - with universal voltage.