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EMX irb-4x infrared photo eye safety sensors without hoods


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EMX IRB-4X photo eyes safety sensors no cover hoods

Infrared Photocell IRB-4X without the hoods
Works without lenses so it is easy to align, making it less sensitive to fog, dust, snow, and sunlight. Used as a safety, reversing, or opening device in conjunction with automatic operators.


  • The IRB-4X transmitter and receiver are mounted in line of sight at a distance of up to 75 feet. When the infrared beam is broken the internal relay is de-energized and detection signal is produced on the relay contacts. The red LED indicator on the receiver is lit when the IRB-4X receiver is not aligned or when the beam is interrupted.

    Applications for the IRB-4X

  • 75 foot range
  • LED Alignment indicator on the receiver simplifies installation
  • Supervised relay output provides a "detect" signal in case of power failure.
  • Works without lenses so it is easy to align.
  • Contains an electronic sunlight filter.
  • Features automatic compensation for temperature changes.
  • Has 24 degrees of alignment freedom.
  • Is capable of penetrating 70% obstruction due to fog, steam and even spray.
  • Is immune to vibration.
  • Does not require additional signal amplifiers or relay boxes.


  • Infrared transmitter in a weather-proof NEMA 4X enclosure.
  • Infrared receiver in a water-proof NEMA 4X enclosure including 5A120V AC relay output.

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