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EMX IRB-4X Infrared Photoeye Safety Sensors with hoods


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EMX IRB-4X Infrared Photoeye Safety Sensors W/ Hoods

The EMX IRB-4X is used as a safety, reversing, or opening device in conjunction with automatic operators. The lens-less design of the IRB-4X photoeye makes it less sensitive to fog, dust, snow, and sunlight.


  • Works without lenses so it is easy to align
  • Electronic sunlight filter
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes
  • Capable of penetrating 70% obstruction due to fog, steam and even spray
  • Immune to vibration
  • Does not require additional signal amplifiers or relay boxes
  • Weather-proof NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Kit includes transmitter, receiver, protective hoods and sunshield
  • Thru beam configuration
  • 115 ft. operating range
  • NEMA 4X enclosure



Power 12 – 24volts AC or DC
Current TX = 37mA RX = 23mA standby 17mA detect
Range 3 – 115 feet
Response Time 10mS max
Operating Temp -40°F to +170°F
Relay Contact Rating 1A @ 24VDC or 120VAC
Housing Material NEMA 4X Polycarbonate
Dimensions 3.7” x 2.56” x 2.24”
Gain Adjustment Potentiometer