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EMX LR-DIPOLE Extended Range Antenna


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EMX LR DIPOLE Extended Range Antenna

Extended Range Antenna 

The LR Dipole Extended Range Antenna adds an amazing 1100 feet to your range! The LR is very easy to set up just plug it right into the connector on the motherboard. The LR is on a 315MHz frequency with a bandwith 3.0 MHz and works on LR 650-RX and LR 652-RX.

  • 1100 foot maxamum range
  • Easily plugs into connector on receiver motherboard
  • 9 feet of coax included
  • 5 VDC @ 4.0mA current draw
  • 315 MHz Frequency
  • Sensitivity 0.89mV @ -108dBm
  • Bandwidth 3.0 MHz (-3dB)
  • Works on LR 650-RX and LR 652-RX