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EMX PhotoeyeVault Photoeye Mounting Post


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EMX PhotoeyeVault Photoeye Mounting Post

The PhotoeyeVault is a security-style bollard that protects photoeyes and provides a stylish alternative to visible hardware. Keep photoeyes safe from vandalism, inclement weather, and accidental contact damage with this solid steel fixture. The PhotoeyeVault hides electronics while blending in with the surroundings.

  • Sophisticated protection from everyday wear and tear
  • Tamper-proof design eliminates installer callbacks
  • Secure photoeyes with or without their protective hoods

Compatible with:

  • EMX IRB-4X
  • *photoeye sold separately


  • Building entrances
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Any location needing a clean installation
  • Quick and easy 8 screw assembly of two pieces
  • 11 gauge (.120”) steel construction
  • Accommodates wire run from the bottom or side

How it works:

  • Two piece assembly – a front end with an attached base plate, a back end with an integrated vault cover
  • Mounting patterns – internal markings to fit specific photoeyes noted above
  • Slotted holes – on base plate for quick angle adjustment and installation