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Firefly 433TSD21K Keychain Remote Control 433Mhz


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Firefly 433TSD21K Garage Door Opener

Features and Specifications

Firefly 433 Keychain Remote: 10 Dip switches, 433 MHz, 1 button. Best frequency for range and avoiding any interferences. Compatible with 433MHz receivers and transmitters.

  • Maroon
  • One-button
  • Key chain model
  • 10 dip switches
  • 433 MHz
  • A23 12V Battery




  1. Gated community remote 

    Posted by Illana on 27th Mar 2014

    My gated community wanted 35.00 a remote. YUCK! Had to buy 10 at a time of these but my neighbors all wanted one too, so it worked out price wise.