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Genie 20113R Screw Drive Limit Switch


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Genie 20113R.S Screw Drive Limit Switch

This limit switch is used as a replacement for many Genie screw drive and chain glide model openers. The limit switch works with the carriage to tell the door when to stop opening or closing. If you have determined the switch needs to be replaced, you can use this as a quick replacement to get your opener back up and running.

  • Can use existing limit wires to install the new limit switch
  • Contains one mechanical style switch, with flipper
  • Genuine Genie replacement part
  • Compatible with Models: 1060, 1560, 2560, 3560, 3860, H4000, H6000, CM7500-U, CM8500-U, PRO83-U, PRO88-U, PRO90-U, PRO98-U, GXL9500, GXL9550, GXL10000, G2500, G4050, G5000, G5050, G5500, G5700, G8000, GDR9000, GX9000, GCG350, CM7600, CM8600, PRO95, CM8600XL, CM8600FN, GXL9500CL, GXL9550CL, GXL9900CL, GXL1000CL, 2060L, 3060L, G4050CL, G5000CL, G5050CL, G5500CL, G5700CL, G8000CL, GX9000CL, PCG400, PCG600, IMS1000, ISL950, ISL950/B, ISL980/B, ISL980, IS525, IS525/B, IS550, IS550/B, IS850, IS900, IS900/B, IS920, CM7500S, CM8500S, PRO98S, PRO88S, PRO90S, 939