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Genie 20380R (36190T.S) Intellicode Decoder Receiver Circuit Board


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Genie 3 Terminal Control Board 36190T.S (Previously 20380R)

Circuit board for garage door openers that have 3 terminals strip (without magnetic limits). Use this board to get your opener back up and running quickly if you have determined your circuit board needs to be replaced.

  • Compatible with models: IC250/B, GCG350L, PMX300-IC/B, PMX500-IC/B, PMX500-XL, PCG400, PCG600, PCG450, PCG650
  • Genuine Genie replacement part
  • Requires re-programming with the new board

Features and Specifications

  • New model number 36190T.S Genie Control Board 3 Terminal Board For Mag LHR Chain Glide & Pro-Max Formerly 20380R
  • Genie replacement decoder circuit board 20380R
  • Replaces genie garage door opener decoder circuit boards 33001R and 34374R
  • For genie chain drive garage door opener models PMX500-IC/B, PMX300-IC/B, IC250/B, PMLD500, PDG400, PCG400, PCG450, PCG650, GCG350, GCG350L, PCG600, PCG650
  • Intellicode receiver board with "Learn" button and 3 adjustment knobs
  • Original genie manufactured replacement part