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Genie 31057R Replacement Opto-luctor


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Genie Replacement Opto-Luctor 31057R.S

This Opto-Luctor will replace the one used in many AC Screw Drive Genie model openers. If you have determined that the Opto-Luctor needs to be replaced, you can use this to get the operator back up and running.

  • Genuine Genie replacement part
  • Does not come with the Opto Wheel - please purchase separately if it is also needed
  • Compatible with Models: 1060, 1560, 2560, 3560, 3860, IS525, IS525/B, IS550, IS550/B, IS850, IS900, IS900/B, IS920, CM7600, CM8600, PRO95, CM8600-FN, H4000, H6000, IS525, IS525/B, IS550, IS550/B, IS850, IS900, IS900/B, IS920, 2060L, 3060L, IMS1000, ISL950, ISL950/B, ISL980, ISL980/B, G4050CL, G5000CL, G5050CL, G5500CL, G5700CL, G8000CL, GX9000CL, GXL9500CL, GXL9550CL, GXL9900CL, GXL1000CL
  • Genie replacement opto-luctor board (old part number 31056A).
  • For Genie screw-drive garage door opener 1997-current (Intellicode format).