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Genie GBWX BX Deluxe Wall Console Series III 37222R (39165R)


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Genie 39165R (Previously GBWC-BX) Deluxe Series III Wall Console

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  • Used With TRILOGY 3024 & 4024 GDO's
  • The Genie GBWX-B Deluxe Wall Console Series III 37222R is part of the Genie GBWX-BX wall console series and is a top remote.
  • 3-Function Wall Console for use with IntelliG™ and TriloG™ openers.
  • 3 function console operates door opener, controls lights, and security lock out switch.
  • Not compatible with Series II.
  • Model: GBWX-BX
  • Also known as Genie wall console model number: 37222R