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GTO RB743 Mighty Mule 3 Button Remote


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GTO RB743 Mighty Mule 3 Button Remote

318mhz frequency 9 dip switch (+0-) settings

Features and Specifications

  • three button entry transmitter is made to work with a GTO/Mighty Mule gate opener as well as up to two more garage door openers or gate openers.
  • The transmitter has adjustable code setting for security, and it will open and close all GTO/PRO and Mighty Mule gate openers. An RB709 Garage Door Opener adapter is needed in order for the three button transmitter to communicate with each additional garage door opener.
  • Comes with a visor clip for placement in your vehicle visor. 9 Volt battery included.
  • The GTO is a three button transmitter remote control that can open up to three gates and/or garage door openers
  • Easy to program, and works with any Mighty Mule or GTO automatic gate openers
  • Is compatible with any garage door opener that has been fitted with a RB709 Garage Door Opener adapter
  • Visor clip and 9 volt battery included