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Liftmaster 312HM receiver 315mhz


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Liftmaster 312HM receiver 

Features & Specifications

  • NEW 315mhz frequency receiver for liftmaster garage door opener or gate operations.
  • Works with 2005 and later models.
  • Security+ code rotating technology. The code between the remote and receiver changes with each use for added security
  • Includes Receiver, Antenna, Wire and Instructions
  • Over 100 billion possible codes in High Security mode, this receiver will work on 12 volt DC or 18 - 35 volts AC/DC, jumper selectable.
  • Can be used with up to 18 Security+ (code rotating) transmitters or 31 of ANY type transmitter including billion code, code rotating or code switch remote
  • Momentary or constant contact, jumper selectable.
  • Will work with ALL Lift-Master, Sears or Chamberlain remotes as described above.
  • Enhanced Radio Technology rolling code and/or DIP switch compatibility
  • 12 volt DC or 18 - 35 volts AC/DC jumper selectable
  • Momentary or constant contact, jumper selection
  • Two-piece aluminum case with detachable cover
  • High security memory stores up to 18 Enhanced Radio Technology™ remote controls or keyless entry codes
  • Normal security memory stores up to 31 LiftMaster® remote control codes of any type
  • 315MHz
  • AKA Access Master 312AC