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Liftmaster 365LM-2 Plug-in Security Plus Radio Receiver Kit 315Mhz


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LiftMaster 365LM-2 Universal Plug-in Radio Receiver

Includes 2 remotes!

This LiftMaster model 365LM universal plug-in 1 channel radio receiver kit is ideal for use as a replacement radio control or to upgrade to a more secure system. It works with all Lift Master, Chamberlain and Sears remotes that use either dip switches, billion code or security plus technology operating on 315Mhz. Plugs into a standard power outlet and wires to either the remote push button or directly to the garage door opener. Note: Will not work with remotes that operate on 390Mhz. Use the 635LM which operates on 390Mhz.

Product Features and Specifications: 

  • Activates one garage door opener or gate opener.
  • Accepts up to 8 Security Plus remote controls or one DIP switch code remote controls.
  • Can be used as replacement or additional radio receiver for existing doors.
  • Power indicator light.
  • Power: Plugs into standard polarized 120 volt, 60Hz AC outlet.
  • Frequency: FCC certified 315MHZ.
  • Codes: Rolling code or DIP switch.
  • Output: Momentary contact closure rated at 5 Amps.
  • This item includes: 2 Liftmaster 371LM remote, bell wire, wire clips, installation and programming instructions.
  • Accepts signal from wireless keypad model 376LM (sold separately).
  • Compatible with all LiftMaster® Security+® remote controls
  • Plugs into standard polarized 120V, 60Hz AC outlet
  • Includes 2-conductor bell wire
  • Hard wires directly to any garage door opener strip
  • Built-in door control button
  • Momentary contact closure
  • 5-amp relay type contact
  • Power indicator light
  • Smart Garage Door Opener® receiver technology allows for easy programming with just a push of a button
  • Accepts up to 8 Security+® remote control codes