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Liftmaster 880LM Garage Door Opener Smart Control Panel

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liftmaster 880LM control panel

The liftmaster 880 lm smart control panel is for security plus 2.0 myq technology only garage door openers.

  • Compatible ONLY with Security+2.0 LiftMaster garage door openers or gate operators.
  • All Security+2.0 garage door openers have a round yellow Learn button and two yellow antennas.
  • Equipped with Maintenance Alert System.
  • Push button for garage door operation and a lock out switch for extra security.
  • Displays temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), time and system diagnostics in English, Spanish or French.
  • Motion detector automatically turns on garage door open lights when movement is sensed.
  • Timer-To-Close allows you to automatically close your garage door in 1, 5 or 10 minutes or custom setting from 1-99 minutes.
  • Includes mounting screws and instructions.
  • liftmaster 880LM Smart Control Panel, Intuitive Menu-Driven Panel Allows For Easy Programming Remote Controls & MyQ Enabled Accessories.