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Liftmaster 881LM Motion Detecting Control Panel with Timer to Close

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Liftmaster 881lm motion detecting panel

No more stumbling in a dark garage when you use the new 881lm motion detecting control panel by lift master. This motion-detecting control panel turns on the garage door opener lights as soon as you walk in, so there's no more fumbling in the dark to get in the car or grab something from the garage. It is also equipped with Timer-to-Close to have the door automatically close after a pre-programmed number of minutes, making it easy when you unload your car and your hands are full.


  • Turns opener lights on/off from inside the garage
  • Oversized illuminated push button makes it easy to close your garage door, even in the dark
  • Equipped with a 150 sensing angle
  • On/Off switch for deactivation of motion-detecting function
  • Adjustable light timer lets you set when you want the opener lights to go out after closing or opening the garage door (pre-set at 4 1/2 minutes)
  • Timer-to-Close feature allows the door to automatically close after a pre-programmed number of minutes
  • Easily program remote controls and MyQ enabled accessories directly from the control panel
  • Compatible only with LiftMaster Security+2.0 garage door openers


  • Locks out all outside remote control signals while you're away

  • Motion detector automatically turns on garage door opener lights when movement is sensed.