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Liftmaster 894LT Learning Remote 4 Button


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Liftmaster 894LT Remote

The lift master 894 lt covers two distinct Liftmaster style garage door remotes 9 dip switch 61lm 390mhz series, and the rolling code 390mhz/315mhz security +2.0. Liftmaster 894LT is designed for Sec+2.0 and Sec+ applications, the ability to clone Liftmaster / Chamberlain branded Dip-Switch codes as well. This remote covers garage door openers made from 1993 to present and replaces the out dated remote controls and transmitters that Liftmaster no longer makes. It is an excellent substitute for the 61 series remotes and the 81lm billion code remotes.

  • The following are the key features and benefits of the 892LT 2 button remote.
  • Replacement for Models 61LM to 64LM, 81LM to 84LM, 971LM to 974LM, 371LM to 374LM
  • Compatible with the following type of operators or receivers
  • Sec+2.0
  • Sec+
  • Dip-Switch when cloning other Dip-Switches Remote Controls such as:
  • 811LM, 813LM - Sec+2.0
  • 331LM, 361LM, 362LM, 363LM, 333LM - 315Mhz Sec+
  • 61LM, 62LM, 63LM, 64LM - 390MHz
  • Burst Technology - Sends out multiple frequencies on the same code at the same time (Sec+2.0 only)
  • Typically used in gated communities along with a garage door opener. This single remote control will allow you to copy the code used for the gate instead of carrying 2 remote controls in the vehicle.
  • Replaces 62LM, 82LM, 972LM and 372LM, 974lm, 374lm used when customer has a community gate and needs to learn the code from a existing 2 or 4 button remote