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Liftmaster STAR1000 Commercial Access Control Receiver


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Liftmaster STAR1000 Commercial Access Control Receiver

Manage multiple access points and get double the range you’re used to from a remote control system with the LiftMaster STAR1000 Commercial Access Control Receiver. Compatible with the HomeLink Wireless Control System, the LiftMaster STAR1000 provides support for suspending remote controls to withhold access. Designed to be used outdoors in multiple access point applications, the STAR1000 employs a bulk programming feature to simplify the coding of multiple remote controls.


  • 1000 remote capacity to support large quantity remote control requirements
  • Single and block addition
  • Duplicate memory module included
  • Compatible with HomeLink Wireless Control System, LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 remote controls, Passport remote controls, and Remote Antenna Mounting Kit (model 86LM)
  • 9" antenna included
  • Power: 9-30 VAC and 9-34 VDC
  • Relay output type: One form A relay contact.