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Linear DT2A


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Linear DT2A visor size remote

This looks like my remote, but how do I know if it's the right one?

1. Frequency: Check the back of your remote to make sure the frequency of the remote is 310mhz (megahertz).

2. Dip Switches: Open the battery compartment on your old

garage door remote and look to see how many dip switches (tiny switches in a row) it has. If your old remote had 8 dip switches, then it's a match for this remote. If you don't have your old garage door remote, you can also look to see how many dip switches are on the back of your garage door opener (the overhead unit in your garage). The number of dip switches on the back of the opener is the same as on the remote.

Features and Specifications

  • Linear gate or garage door opener replacement transmitter for the Delta 3 system
  • 310 Mhz frequency 2 sets of 8 dip switches (will work with 2 receivers, i.e. 2 garage doors, 1 door 1 light)
  • Visor clip, 9V battery and one year manufacturer warranty included
  • Compatible with ALL Linear Delta 3 System products
  • linear dt2a 2 button remote
  • Activates two Delta-3 receivers independently
  • Test/operate LED
  • Visor mounting clip supplied
  • Power: 9-volt battery
  • Codes: 256 (set by dip switches)
  • RF frequency: 310 MHz
  • Dimensions: 2.16″ W x 3.75″ H x .95″ D



  1. New Remote Works Fine! 

    Posted by Deerflyguy on 25th Jun 2014

    I bought my Stinger remote as a supplemental remote to use in a new car that I purchased. It is smaller and lighter than the Linear remote that came with my openers, and uses a common 123 cylindrical battery, which was included. Except for getting the cover off the unit (to allow access to the code strips) it was easy to set up and works every bit as well as the remotes that came with the openers. "A Click Away" helped me through the set up, and I had no other problems. "A Click Away" prices are low, shipping is fast, and service is A+. I was able to purchase two units for the same price as one unit would have cost me locally!

  2. Good Replacement Remote 

    Posted by Deerflyguy on 25th Jun 2014

    I bought this as a replacement for another earlier model Linear remote that came with my two garage doors, which have been hanging for about 35 years. It's obvious that technology has changed a bit in that time, but not all that much in this case. The replacement unit came quickly, complete with a 9V battery, and all I had to do was set the 8 digit codes on each of two places (one 8 digit setting for each of the two openers) and it worked just fine! I did have to call "A Click Away" for a simple question that I had, and they were very helpful in solving my problem.

  3. delivery was quick 

    Posted by Brad on 11th Mar 2014

    impressed with the super fast delivery and packaging! The remote works as described!